Birthday bonanza.. (part one)

Mystical Magnificient Avebury

It has been a long winter in the Hymertrails household, lots of non vanlife stuff going on. Firstly, I am having work woes, do I have a job, don’t I have a job, who knows, hopefully by the middle of the summer I’ll have a clearer idea of what on earth is going on!!

The Hymertrails gang are also in the (horrible) process of selling our house, we have fallen out of love with our smallish Welsh miner’s cottage, well its mainly a case of not wanting neighbours, longing for somewhere to park Hank and having a smaller environmental footprint. We have a big garden for a small house and even though we love it, we used to grow loads of our own vegetables and fruit, since owning Hank we have less and less time at home and every time we are there we want to go away in Hank!!

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