• The Return…

    Let’s just start by saying that Hamburg looked a nightmare traffic wise, so being sensible folks we parked up just north of the city and decided to wait out rush hour. We fed the hounds and ourselves before heading off south towards the Elbe tunnel and the myriad roadworks plaguing Hamburg. Phew, we have made it through trouble-free! Onwards it is then, forest park up for the night. We had torrential rain during the night and unfortunately had a proper soaking the following morning, Hank was strewn with wet gear, both of the doggy and human kind.

  • Coastline, culture, religion and the island of Als.

    It was with heavy hearts that we left the Danish Lake District, but the torrential rain just made the decision that little bit easier. Next stop on the Hymertrails tour was Kolding, a beautiful mix of old and new (according to our Lonely Planet) nestled at the top of the Kolding fjord.

  • A trip to The Lakes…

    The Hymertrails gang finds itself in a decision-making situation once again, do we hold out at Denmark’s largest forest and hope the weather forecast in two days time is wrong or head further south and try to experience the Danish Lake District in sunny weather for at least one day?

  • Trees, trees and yes more trees!!!

    Some of you will know that one-quarter of the Hymertrails gang is a Forest Ranger and that I love trees. So at any opportunity, I’ll steer Hank and the rest of the gang into the woods. After leaving Skagen it was time to head south and a stop off at Rold Skov, Denmark’s largest forest, yes please!!

  • Northern exposure…

    Having spent a lovely couple of days on Romo we decided it was time to head north and set Hank on a course for Skagen, the northern tip of Denmark.

  • Roaming on Romo.

    We arrived on Romo having crossed the long causeway then turned left and headed to a commercial Aire just outside Havneby, Oasen Romo. A new looking camperstop with circular parking around a central lake.

  • Hymertrails have landed…

    We made it, crossing the border today andheading for our first stop on Danish soil, the little village of Mogeltonder. What a fantastic introduction all cobbles, cute houses, flowers and a magnificent old church, think we’re going to like Denmark.

  • Onwards…

    As I sit and write this we are being stalked by two sets of opposing young cattle at a rainswept camperstop on the banks of the river Eider in NW Germany.

  • Denmark discovery 2019

    This year for our annual 3-week jaunt we fancied somewhere a bit different and also a place we hadn’t been to before, Denmark came up trumps. The nice coastline, history, culture and forests struck a chord with us and with ageing dogs we didn’t want high mountains, Denmark is dead flat!