Birthday bonanza, part 2…

Setting off on birthday trip 2.

It’s March and spring has arrived so it’s time for birthday trip number two, in celebration of my birthday. The Forest of Dean is a regular favourite of ours, there is lots to do and see and we are in the woods! We also are heading across the Severn Estuary to the countryside around Stroud as it’s a lovely part of the UK.

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Birthday bonanza.. (part one)

Mystical Magnificient Avebury

It has been a long winter in the Hymertrails household, lots of non vanlife stuff going on. Firstly, I am having work woes, do I have a job, don’t I have a job, who knows, hopefully by the middle of the summer I’ll have a clearer idea of what on earth is going on!!

The Hymertrails gang are also in the (horrible) process of selling our house, we have fallen out of love with our smallish Welsh miner’s cottage, well its mainly a case of not wanting neighbours, longing for somewhere to park Hank and having a smaller environmental footprint. We have a big garden for a small house and even though we love it, we used to grow loads of our own vegetables and fruit, since owning Hank we have less and less time at home and every time we are there we want to go away in Hank!!

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Bumble at Strumble!

Another fabulous weekend adventure ‘downline’ in Pembrokeshire. This time Strumble head was our desination and a small CL site at Tresinwen Farm. Just a short walk from Stumble head and it’s magnificent lighthouse.

We managed to get a good start on Friday afternoon and arrived at the site about 8pm. Bit of a chore to get Hank level and find a good spot but after a bit of time we were all set up, hounds fed and watered and we’d settled down to a steaming hot bowl of tortellini and tomato sauce! Great standby for those late night arrivals.

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The humble kettle.

Everyone likes tea or coffee I guess, but not everyone lives the vanlife. One of the best things about Hank and vanlife in general is the ability to make a lovely cuppa wherever you park up. Favourite mug check, strong tea bags (or loose leaf for you aficionados out there) check, fresh water and then for the kettle!

Claire has always had an insistence on keeping this true to our camping roots, no fancy whistling, duck egg blue kettles in our van, we stay hardcore and lightweight and use our trusty GSI Outdoors HALULITE 1.1 L BOILER. THE PERFECT, PACKABLE POT, PURE AND SIMPLE!

We bought this from a small camping shop in Boulder, Colorado many moons ago. It has taken a beating and still looks as good now as when we spent our holiday dollars on it. It takes up no space, is dead easy to clean and best of all delivers super hot, freshly boiling water to make that vanlife staple a lovely cuppa!!!

When we bought Hank we tried to carry on the ethos of camping we’d always enjoyed, I guess we live a fairly minimalist vanlife, no TV’s, no onboard WI-FI, no tablets and generally we aim to do things as simply as possible.