Hymers, Squirrels and cake

After the joy of the Feldburg Steig walk we ventured on deeper into the Black Forest in search of more lakes and hoped to visit Triberg, home to Germanys highest waterfalls and apparently tame red squirrels!!!

Always great waking up in a Park4night spot that is beautiful.

After showers and a bit of van tidying we set off to Triberg. It’s not that far from us and we arrive fairly soon. We’re in luck and grab one of the last motorhome parking spots right in the middle of town, happy days!!!

We head off down the hill and make a beeline for the falls, €8 person and an extra €1 for a bag of nuts for Claire, she’s desperate to tempt a squirrel with a healthy snack!

Hope they are hungry!

These waterfalls are pretty impressive, fairly natural and there’s loads of useful multi lingual information boards. It’s a steep climb though but well worth it.

As we neared the top Claire gave out an almighty squeal, she’d spotted a squirrel. So for the next 10 mins or so we watched in pure joy this little, very black, red squirrel running about eating the nuts and generally looking pretty cute.

Very cute!!!

After the squirrel excitement we ventured on and followed the culture loop walk that led to the top of the falls then passed back through the top of the Triburg town and circled back to the start point .

Beautiful houses nestled in the trees.

When we got back to the town we had a potter around the slightly tacky shops, visited many cuckoo clock shops and finally decided to sample the local delicacies.

Black Forest cake, very alcoholic and very, very sickly!!!

After a very sweet and somewhat expensive cake stop we went back to Heulwen. To our amazement there was a Classic Hymer with UK plates parked behind us.

Hymer fest….

We couldn’t pass the opportunity by for a chat and introduction. It wasn’t the last time we would bump into the scraggydog crew either!

Time to move on so off we go and find ourselves at Hornburg for the evening. Parked up at a hikers car park. It was lovely. After a meal we headed off on a section of the town Panorama walk which was glorious.

Our very own Solar…

A thoroughly great evening, van life joy.

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