Black Forest adventures.

We wing our way north towards our destination, Feldburg and the twin lakes of Schultsee and Titisee ( yes we laughed too!)

They are in the Black Forest highlands area and we soon discover the area is steeper than expected!

Typical Black Forest scenery.
A cool trailhead for part of the Westweg a long distance walk across the Black Forest area.

We stopped at a handful of scenic viewpoints one of which had some information about the Westweg. The Westweg is a long-distance hiking trail in Germany, running north–south through the Black Forest from Pforzheim to Basel. The trail is around 285 km long, and was founded in 1900. If the scenery around this area is indicative of the route then it’s probably a cracker!


We arrive at Feldburg after trundling, yes trundling up a 30% gradient hill spread over 8km. Heulwen was puffing a bit but she did us proud. Third gear all the way and we even passed a cyclist!

The many routes, cable cars and viewpoints surrounding the Feldburg ski station.

We parked up at Feldburg, there is a huge car park for buses and motorhomes, and went for an explore. There were a handful of outdoor shops, cafes, hotels and a great visitor centre, the Natur Haus

We picked up lots of information about the area and had a great tip from the staff, the Feldburg Steig a 12km circular walk around the mountain. Mmm, sounded right up our street!

A GPX route I had on my OutdoorActive app for the Feldburg Steig.

Time was getting on at Feldburg, which is the highest point in the Black Forest at 1493m and the highest mountain in Germany outside of the the Alps, and the weather started to turn cloudy and we lost the view of the huge telecommunications tower at the top. It soon started raining and given that it was 4pm and the last cable car was at 4.30pm we beat a hasty retreat to the van and felt a little deflated. We really wanted to go to the top!

We regrouped over a cup of tea and decided to call it a day and head a few km’s away to Titisee as there was a park up there for the night.

Not all park ups are the same, as tonight we found ourselves in a huge car park next to the railway station on the edge of the town. We cheered up, walked into the town which was quite pretty next to the lake and treated ourselves to a slap up meal, well beers and pizza!!

Veggie heaven…

Feeling suitably full we toddled back to the van with pizza in hand, leftovers, and make the decision to head back to Feldburg to tackle the 12km walk tomorrow. The weather looks good, great walking weather, 18 degrees, so we pack our rucksacks ready, crack out the walking poles and get an early night ready for the off tomorrow!

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