Trees, trees, trees…

Belvedere magnificence…

Another early start, showered, breakfast and getting ready for the off. We’ve only been using Heulwen’s shower during this recent trip and what a revelation. Poor old Hank, our previous Hymer had a fab bathroom but showering, even though biggish space, was a task to wrestle with a billowing shower curtain! Water on, soap, unstick yourself from said curtain, more water, soap in eyes, stinging like crazy, flailing for the tap, more billowing curtain!!! You were clean but suitably stressed!

Heulwen on the other hand has a neat Hymer design where the walls all fold out and back together making a separate little shower cubicle in the bathroom, water drains away, shower hose is easy to get too but most importantly no bloody billowing curtain!

Onwards we go, off to the Route des Sapins, the Fir tree route. A tourist route, basically driving through a massive forest with lots of stops along its winding 55km length.

Route des Sapins.

Before getting to the start point at Levier we stop for a picnic on a wooded D-road. The views are lovely and the Comte toasties, even though sacrilegious, are amazing.

Happy camper.
A Hymer at home in the forest.

Another 30 mins and we head off along the ‘Route’ and it doesn’t disappoint. Trees in all directions, big trees, old trees, conifers, broadleaves. I know Claire thinks it’s kind of like work for me but there is a reason why I’ve been a forester for 20 years, I love trees!!!!

There are many stops along the route. Lots of amazing viewpoints, picnic areas, walking trails, some play areas but also lots of interpretation.

A massive tree!!!!
Le President…

I think we’ve picked a pretty great day to drive the route, to be honest the road is pretty narrow, not many passing places but hey ho, why worry when your nestled in so many amazing trees.

Next stop is a viewpoint or Belevedere and it’s a good one. There are amazing views in a 180 degree arc.

Views for days…
Amazing wildflowers everywhere.

We need a stop for the evening as our thoughts turn to a rest and relax. A quick couple of km’s later and we see a larger stop area with an Arboretum and Forester museum ( currently closed) but a lovely spot in a sunny forest clearing.

Forester museum nestled in the forest.

Food time, so a short stroll across the car park and we’re sitting on the edge of a glorious wildflower meadow buzzing with life, what an amazing spot!

As the evening draws in it feels like a good place to get the drone out for a bit of a fly! I’ve not had s lot of opportunities as yet as we’ve either been too busy or the weather hasn’t been great.

Glad our roof is clean!!!

An amazing day all round, the Route des Sapins hasn’t disappointed and we’ve got a bit extra tomorrow to complete before returning to the rolling Jura countryside.

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