Rivers and viewpoints

We start sleepily at Fraisans, toasted baguette, tea, coffee and a lovely view of the river.

Perfect breakfast spot.

After a quick visit to the supermarket a 5 minute walk away, we pack up and set a course for Besancon, a nearby city to hopefully service Heulwen. It was a shock to the system, people, buses, trams, all over the roads with me trying to navigate to the aire, to service Heulwen. All done we bid our farewell and head out of town on a splendid route through the forest and rolling meadows of the Jura.

Jura scenery.

A short hop later we arrive at the town of Ornans, sitting proudly in the Loue valley with the crystal clear river Loue running through.

View from the Grand Pont, Ornans.

We stroll back to Heulwen having had a pleasant hour wandering the old streets. We made it just in the nick of time as the skies opened with a heavy 30 mins of rain!! Comte cheese, crackers, fresh cherries and humous really hits the spot at times like that.

Onwards we push further into the Jura countryside heading for the Cirque de Consultation, a magnificent viewpoint.

Wildflowers carpet the walk to the viewpoint.
La Roche du Petre viewpoint.
Peregrine spotting!!!

Time is getting on so we head East towards the Saut de Doubs and a possible boat trip up some beautiful meanders before a short walk to the magnificent waterfall.

We arrive at a beautiful location just outside Villiers du Lac and park up for the night.

Where’s all the water???

Unfortunately the water is so low that the boats are obviously not running! Oh well, we just rest up, have a cuppa then trundle off along the (very shallow ) River Doubs to the town. It’s then back to Heulwen for food, wine a relaxing. Happy days!!!

Tomorrow will hopefully bring us more joy in the Jura as we head along the Route des Sapins ( the Fir route), lots of lovely big trees! Think I’m going to enjoy…

We could almost swim to Switzerland…

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