Jura wanderings

After an early breakfast and shower we head off deeper into the Jura and first stop is the lovely town of Dole. A frantic search for a parking space, after all the suggestions either have fairgrounds or are just too busy finds us slap bang in the middle of a roundabout 5 mins walk across the River Doubs from the historic centre!

Bridge into Dole.

Dole was once the capital of the Franch-Comte region but now Besancon holds that title. It’s a beautiful place with lovely canal area, some nice restaurants and a huge imposing church.

Rue des tanniers, Dole.

Lunchtime sees us perched next to the canal indulging in that truly French vegetarian staple, Goats cheese salad.


Lunchtime over, a trip to an artisan cheese shop to stock up on Comte cheese and back to Heulwen to plan the rest of the day.

I love a good woodpile!

Skirting the Foret de Chaux and following the River Doubs we head on and decide to call it a day at Fraisans. It’s a bucolic spot next to the river, under the Pines and Limes where we while away the afternoon reading, researching and spotting the myriad birds busying themselves on the river. Just lovely…

Riverside vibes…

Let’s hope tomorrow brings more Jura joy, it’s been great so far!

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