Northern exposure…

Having spent a lovely couple of days on Romo we decided it was time to head north and set Hank on a course for Skagen, the northern tip of Denmark.

Hymer panorama…

Our first stop was Ribe, a beautiful old town on the coast. It’s 1300 year history makes it a fascinating place with some amazing buildings, a fabulous church occupying the centre and a lovely waterfront.

Having wandered Ribes old streets for the afternoon we headed to the coast for a lovely lock-side wild camp. Glorious!

At the end of the Ribe river on the Wadden Sea coast.

Morning time means making a move north again and we have a few driving days to make it the 500km to Skagen. All being well the weather looks set to get better, warmer and maybe, just maybe, a little less windy!!!

As we eventually approach Denmark’s northern tip the landscape becomes wilder, flatter and a gorgeous mix of dune, heath and forest.

Parked up at Grenen in the midst of a fleet of motorhomes we can go no further north on Danish soil, we have reached the most northerly point, a fascinating spot where the North Sea and Baltic Sea meet and battle it out with some angry seas and a tourist attraction is to have a foot in either one at the same time!! It’s a wild walk out to the Grenen point, past old wartime bunkers, dunes and all overshadowed by a huge lighthouse back near the car park. We all had a ball!!!

Vanlife reality creeps in every now and then though as it’s time to empty a seriously full loo, get some water onboard and maybe shower. We find a campsite nearby and do a ’quick-stop’, in by 8pm and out by 10am all for a reduced price, Danish efficiency at its best. All serviced we settle in for some alfresco food and then take Tilly and Belle for a last walk of the day to a nearby ’mountain’ well 23m high, which by Danish standards is a fair size.

Flagbakken, not high at all, we live in Wales!!
The ironically called Flagbakken mountain bike trail, flat as a pancake…

Today was just one of those vanlife days when all is well, life is great and you feel like just keeping on going, who needs a job, house and all the other crap that modern life chucks at you…

Morning time and we head off south, a quick stop in Skagen town for a seriously expensive cake and hot chocolate then onto Den Tilsandede Kirke, a buried Church in the dunes. The girls had a quick run around another fantastic Hundeskov, dog forest before we all went to see the church.


Final stop of the day before a long drive south and more sandy shenanigans at Rabjerg Mile a massive inland sand dune system.

Tilly, the well-travelled hound that’s hard to please!

All done and literally dusted we get back in Hank and head south, next stop Denmark’s largest forest.

Catch up with us soon for more adventures.

Jon, Claire, Tilly and Belle xxx


    • rangerjon

      Hi Susan, it’s a lovely country with a vast variety of places to visit. Lovely and quiet on the roads and in stopping places etc. Campsites are horrendously expensive but we’ve found loads of wild camps through park4night. Bring lots of food and alcohol, it’s quite pricey but we have all absolutely loved it. Just wish we had longer than our 3 weeks, time just flies by!! Would love to go for longer.
      Love your blog, just lovely!

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