Roaming on Romo.

We arrived on Romo having crossed the long causeway then turned left and headed to a commercial Aire just outside Havneby, Oasen Romo. A new looking camperstop with circular parking around a central lake.

Oasen Romo.

It was a great location at the Southern end of this little island. All set up we headed off for an explore to the beach at Sonderby. Wow it was massive! Miles of beach all along the west coast from one end of the island to the other. We sat, sheltering from the chilly sea wind and watched the kite buggies speeding along the vast expanse of sand.

Kite buggies on Sonderby.

Feeling the draw of Hank and some warm food we headed back inland, taking in the golden haze of yellow fields full of happy, playful Danish horses under a massive wide blue sky.

Massive wide blue skies.

Food time and when in Denmark it’s hotdog time, veggie of course but tasty and warm on a chilly evening.

Veggie hotdogs and potatoes, Denmark on a plate!!

A final walk for Tilly and Belle before settling in after a great first day on Romo. No driving plans tomorrow just more exploring and a few vanlife chores to carry out.

Another walk, I’m sure I need a sleep…

Sunlight breaks through Hank’s skylight, no better reason to drag us out of bed and take the girls for a morning walk. Just a short loop before breakfast all-round, showers and it’s time to pack a bag before heading off for another explore. Denmark has fairly strict rules about off-lead dog walking so they have ’Hundeskov’ dog forests where your furry friends can let rip through their own slice of forest heaven! We thought we’d treat Tilly and Belle, let the chaos commence…

Really, our own forest, just for Greyhounds and Lurchers!!

Not so much as a speedy trot, don’t quite think the girls got the concept of a fenced in forest, there not big on fences at the best of times, must be the rebellious streak in them wanting access for all!

Time for a bun, not just any bun but a cinnamon swirl, tasty and very sweet and all the better shared with houndies.


A lazy afternoon was needed by all after a busy and calorific morning. Kindle time and dog naps, just perfect. Evening calls so another dog walk, this time exploring some local streets lined with amazing wooden houses, chalets and other hygge looking abodes tucked in the trees, my kind of place.

Hygge personified.

Morning brings new adventures and its time to leave lovely Romo. A quick service for Hank, calling to Romo bakery to buy a £3.60 loaf of bread and a speedy tour of the rest of Romo before heading back over the long causeway to the mainland.

Bye, Bye Romo it’s been elemental…


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