As I sit and write this we are being stalked by two sets of opposing young cattle at a rainswept camperstop on the banks of the river Eider in NW Germany.

Look lads a Classic Hymer…

The last two days have seen us clock up km after km as we’ve crossed Belgium, the Netherlands and a small chunk of NW Germany most of it flat as a pancake with pretty straight roads everywhere.

Some late evening sun in Ons Pleske, Netherlands.

We started out from our lakeside wild camp in Belgium and made our way into the Netherlands before calling it a day at Ons Pleske. This was a perfect slice of Dutch countryside, a lovely green camperstop with good services, a super friendly host and a very pleasant pick your own salad garden, perfect.

Lovely salad…

After a raging thunderstorm to end the day and force us back into the hygge of Hank, we get set for more km’s tomorrow.

Another day, another flat long drive North sees us leave the Netherlands and enter Germany where we head to another wildcamp spot nestled in the forest.

It’s like being at home for Tilly and Belle.
Amazing forest picnic shelter.

A lovely quiet night, followed by an early start for the final push to my favourite part of this section of the journey, a river ferry across the river Elbe, I hate boats!! Onwards we go driving through more flat scenery along canals and passing through nice forested areas before arriving at the Elbe, here goes nothing.

Twenty minutes feels like hours!!

And so the first part of the journey ends, Denmark is in sight and we are holed up on the banks of another German river, the Eider being stalked by cattle. It’s an elemental spot, geese passing overhead, all misty and howling wind but we settle in looking ahead to the final push to Denmark tomorrow, exciting times.

I’m the banks of the Eider.

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