Denmark discovery 2019

This year for our annual 3-week jaunt we fancied somewhere a bit different and also a place we hadn’t been to before, Denmark came up trumps. The nice coastline, history, culture and forests struck a chord with us and with ageing dogs we didn’t want high mountains, Denmark is dead flat!

On our way…

After a furiously busy few days, packing Hank and having to clean the house, we are still in the process of selling it, we set off on a Friday early evening and headed a short hop across the Severn bridge to our ’go to on the way to the Eurotunnel’ stop at Castle Coombe in Wiltshire. A relaxing first night and a chance to try out our new mattress in Hank. Result, it was super comfy and lived up to the good reviews we’d had about the company Southern Foam who we bought it from.

An early start and we head East to get our crossing, all goes smoothly and we find ourselves bleary-eyed emerging into Northern France and unusually for us we head left, north and into a tiny slither of France before days end and a wild camp lakeside spot in Belgium just south of Bruges.

Tilly slightly puzzled as to where she is.

Dog walk and Hank setup done; Claire and I walk swiftly to a local Friterie to sample some local cuisine, man alive, tasty and filling!

How much mayo???

It’s the end of our first proper travelling day and we’ve covered a fair few km’s since leaving the splendour of the Cotswolds this morning. More km’s tomorrow as we head north. Can’t wait!!!

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