Coasts, Castles and Conifers.

It’s the weekend, I’ve had the ‘man flu’ all week, Claire is getting a less virulent strain (obviously) but nevertheless it’s Hymertrails time!!


We headed off later than anticipated after a glitch with our water tank, we filled it with a reasonable amount on Friday but annoyingly left the plug slightly out so as we are all set to head off we realised we had no water!! Must be an age thing…

Bombing it west, well Hank doesn’t really bomb it just more of a soothing wallow but Hymer is as Hymer does, we arrive at the lovely Caneston woods near Narberth and all pile out for a crunchy autumnal leaved walk.

Lovely Caneston woods.

Caneston woods is a favourite of ours, it’s a lovely forest with lots of small paths, forest tracks and some good access points. We’ve even wildcamped at nearby Minwear Forest car park in the past, a great level spot, lovely and quiet with a nice waymarked loop walk to take the houndies on for a late evening/early morning walkies.

Spectacular low winter sun!

During our bracing walk around the forest, Tilly was doing her usual ‘off trail antics’, she has this endearing trait of just wandering off, up or down a side path for no apparent reason and then returning to the main path, she’s always done it and it really is a trademark Tilly greyhound thing, bless her granny pants socks.
Belle on the other hand, in typical Lurcher style just randomly trots or goes full speed in numerous directions, no noticeable pattern just because she can, Lurchers ehh!!

Anyway walkies over, back to Hank and a plan is hatched to head to Carew, a small Pembrokeshire village with a Castle, sitting on the banks of the Cleddau estuary. Some friends of ours, Crafty Dogs had mentioned organising a greyhound walk at Carew as there was a nice loop so we thought we’d have a recce.

The night was closing in, getting dark and cold so we pulled into the Carew Mill picnic site car park with the possibility of a sneaky wildcamp but whooah it was almost at a 45 degree angle, not so easy to level Hank and we’re not keen on too sloping a spot as its tough to sleep.

Nice spot, shame about the slope!

Oh well, cuppa time, walkies and re-think our stop for the night. It was a shame as it was a stunning location right on the estuary and looking across at the Castle!

Onwards we go but luckily within 2 mins we’d crossed a lovely old bridge on the Cleddau, passed the Castle and then noticed the BIG FLAT CARPARK! ‘No overnight parking’ signs but what the heck, it was dark, cold and we’d be gone early’ish in the morning so why not!
Once settled we fed the houndies, got Hank set for our food, we put the dinette table up and the houndies sleep on the side bench, it’s almost single bed size so for a short time while we eat and relax they are happy! Nut burgers, buttery boiled spuds and lashings of healthy salad, vanlife veggie meals are top-notch. Food over and it’s Scrabble time, a dark winter evening special.

I’m rubbish at Scrabble, Claire almost always beats me. I don’t know what it is but I always seem to have brain freeze when I’m faced with those 7 little tiles and I always seem to end up with the obscure letters.


Once again I’m annihilated by Claire 300 points to something, so its time to get the houndies up and out for a last wee and walk of the day, get their bed set up for the night and settle them in whilst we have a last cuppa, read and crank the heating up to make Hank warm and toasty before we all head off for bed.


Up nice and early and its a cracking sunny, but very cold, day. After a quick freshen up it’s all out of Hank for the famed loop walk around the Castle, Tidal mill and estuary at Carew and it doesn’t disappoint. What a cracking spot this is and it’s got everything, Castles, Estuaries and a cool collection of old stuff, bridges and a Tidal mill!

Carew Castle
Carew cross

It’s cold out this morning so we all piled back in Hank and have breakfast, Houndies first then a quick bowl of cereal for us before packing up and heading to the coast.


Following a fairly short drive we arrive at our destination for the day, Broadhaven beach. It’s a stunning spot, one of our favourite beaches and with the Bosherton Ponds nearby and stunning coastal scenery it really is a winner!

Broadhaven beach.
Coast path walk.
Look at that view!
View, yeah whatever! Tilly has almost seen it all …

It’s an incredible place to walk, the scenery is stunning and on a perfect day like today there’s no better place to feel the stresses and strains of modern life just disappear…

Tilly and Belle certainly know how to relax with full on sleeping on the cliff top. Onwards girls, following a lovely loop back past the end of the Bosherton ponds we head back to Hank for a well-earned brunch. Sourdough toast, veggie bacon, eggs, tea and a doggie treat (PASTY!!!) for the gang.

Food over so time to sit back, digest and soak up the last of the sun’s rays with a bit of BBC 6 Music and a good book.


Home beckons unfortunately, but at least we’ve had some quality vanlife and a fix of positivity for another weekend.

Hymertrails rides again, until the next time…


    • rangerjon

      Thanks Debbie, really appreciate the comments. It’s a fab place and our hounds love it, they don’t move as quick anymore as one is 12 and the other at least 10 but nevertheless they have a ball!!! Lots of places to stay in the area and lots of lovely walks.

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