Sandy Trails are Happy Trails…

When you’ve had a rubbish week in work and the weekend weather is not being your friend there really is only one course of action, a day out!!!

One of many Sandy Trails in Pembrey Forest.

A day out in Hank is a wonderful experience and even more so when the destination is one of our local forests. Sticking out into the Burry Estuary on a sandy lump is the beautiful Pembrey Forest. It’s one of ours and the houndies favourite places for a walk. It’s a big, fairy flat expanse that was planted back in the 50’s and 70’s by the Forestry Commission to help stabilise the sand dunes in that area. It’s a forest of mainly Corsican Pine with a handful of other tree species but it’s a special place that is a joy to visit any time of year.

After a particularly awful Sunday morning we put a few bits and bobs in Hank, lunch, books, houndie snacks and headed off west. It’s not too far from where we live and Belle, our Lurcher knows the entrance to the forest well, the hump of the railway bridge then a distinct Pembrey forest smell only she can sense.

We get into the forest by first going in through Pembrey Country Park

There is a £2 charge during the winter but that gives you access to the park, good access to the forest and also to the 7 mile long Cefn Sidan beach.

Cefn Sidan beach.
The girls on Cefn Sidan beach.
Hank parked up in Pembrey.

We parked up in one of the beach car parks, got our kit together, houndies ready and set off on a forest adventure.

The trails in Pembrey forest are used by a wide variety of people, including walkers, runners, horse riders and bikers who all seem to love the sandy conditions underfoot. Tilly and Belle absolutely love it and have been visiting the forest for at least 8-10 years so they pretty much take the lead in setting a route for us all!!

Houndy Trails

It’s an elemental kind of place as mostly we don’t see anyone and then always feel we have the whole forest to ourselves.  There are great spots to explore and always something cool to see. In spring/summer loads of wildflowers, autumn has amazing colours and winter is a time for tree shapes and cool silhouettes.

After a couple of hours walking we decided it was time to head back to Hank and settle in for a relax, nice cuppa and a read before setting off home.

Trail spotting!!














Back at Hank we drove on going through the Country park to an ‘end of day’ favourite spot overlooking Gower Peninsula. Its a sunset special and a perfect space to hole up and relax.

Biscuit please mum!









After a last bit of relaxing, a warm cuppa and a lengthy discussion about future Hank trips to Europe and beyond it was time to head home and get set for the coming work week, ohh well here’s to the next HAPPY TRAIL…



Panoramic Hymer widescreen view!!




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