Seal spotting in deepest darkest (and wettest) Pembrokeshire…

Having recently joined the Caravan and Motorhome Club to make use  of their CL site network we decided to visit deepest, darkest Pembrokeshire to spot Atlantic Grey seals. We had been given a great site recommendation by one of Hank’s previous owners, Delyth, so we looked up Murchin Field CL in Marloes and booked it for the weekend.

We try as always to get away from work early on a Friday to really make the most of our weekend advantures in Hank. Packed and ready we set off from Home and headed West!

Getting to the site we just had the final rays of sun to illuminate our pitch so we could get set up and settled for the weekend. A quick Hank standby meal of Vege burger, salad, chip and dip and we are done for the day. Hounds out for a last wee and walk then off to bed ready for wildlife adventures tomorrow!

Saturday turned out to be a bit wet, drizzly and windy but after a morning of wet dog walking, hound feeding and breakfast we headed out to Deer park, a National trust site located a 20 minute walk from our field and right at the end of the peninsular. Slightly confusing name as there are no deer but plenty of amazing opportunities for wildlife watching.

Trying to find Skomer Island through the mist!

We walked around the headland spotting lots of seabirds, trying desperately to locate the offshore Skomer Island Marine Nature reserve but it was just too misty so we walked through Deer park with all its beautiful if somewhat soggy coastal heathland to find the seals.

Walking the Deer Park Coastal Heathland.

Eventually reaching the very tip of the peninsular we craned our necks over the cliff edges and down far below we spotted what we had come to see, cute, white and fluffy baby Atlantic Grey seals. Spread out around a handful of small coves we spotted about 12 or so all of different ages and also a few female adults.

Mother and calf.
Mother swimming off the beach, amazing!

Baby atlantic grey seals only get weaned for approx. 21 days before they are left to fend for themselves. The mothers then set off to mate again and put their pregnancy on hold for 3 months then 9 months later they give birth again, normally coming back to the same area, isnt nature amazing!!!

We trudled back to Hank after an amazing day. It’s really fantastic to see wildlife just being wild, I guess in our busy modern lives we don’t have much chance to interact or spot the wild animals that share our spaces, especially in the UK!

Sunday promised a better day and yes the sun made an apearance late in the morning so after the usual morning routine with Hank and the hounds, ohh and a sneaky breafast of wild foraged berry vancakes we got set to go.

Wild berry foraged Vancakes, mmm!
Yummy with Clarks Maple syrup!!

Another day another trail to explore, so we headed off to Marloes beach taking in the lovely Marloes mere, a great spot for birdwatching. We crossed a field and then a ‘wow’ moment, we’d reached the Coast path and a view to take your breath away.

Looking south to Marloes beach, our destination for the morning.

We followed the Coast path for a while desperately hoping to spot more seals or maybe even a dolphin or porpoise, the hounds seemed to be enjoying and the floating Kestrel had them mesmerized.


After an hour or so we made it to Marloes beach, an easy walk down from the Coastal cliffs and then the hounds had a blast, rockpooling, sand digging and general doggy wonderment!

Tilly at Marloes beach.
Horizontal Lurcher, not often seen.
Sandy snuggle!

Beach adventures over we took a few more lungfuls of delicious sea air and headed back up the path to the cafe at the top of the cliff.

Finally arriving at the cafe, the truly wonderful Runwayskiln cafe, we studied the menu, 5 freshly made delicious choices and 2 that were vegetarian or vegan so we were happy. I chose the cauliflower pakoras with a pickle salad and Claire had a baked aubergine stuffed with yoghurt, mint and goats cheese sitting on a tomato and chickpea sauce all washed down with homemade lemonade. Vegetarian bliss!!!

The hounds had doggy treats and lovely fresh water from the cafe so we headed back to Hank 10 minutes walk away and settled in for a lovely cuppa before getting set for the journey home.

Marloes and the area around it is a stunning spot, so many walking opportunities, wildlife spotting and really the kind of place to have an amazing weekend advanture!!

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