Snowdonia seems like a long time ago…

The year 2019 in the Hymertrails household has been a whirlwind so far. We put our house up for sale back around Xmas 2018 and had big plans for selling by spring, packing our jobs in and heading off for a year or so around Europe, and beyond…

Jump forward to Autumn 2019 and we’ve only just sold the house, I’ve landed a new job and we’ve not as yet managed to explore Europe and beyond. We have though got ourselves in a better place. We are no longer tied to a house (that we really loved) but was blighted horrendously by terrible and very disruptive neighbours!

Hank nestled at the foot of the Sugarloaf!

Throughout all the stress we’ve had a few brilliant trips away, Denmark in early summer and a return to North Wales in July.

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The Return…

Let’s just start by saying that Hamburg looked a nightmare traffic wise, so being sensible folks we parked up just north of the city and decided to wait out rush hour. We fed the hounds and ourselves before heading off south towards the Elbe tunnel and the myriad roadworks plaguing Hamburg. Phew, we have made it through trouble-free! Onwards it is then, forest park up for the night.

A soggy morning walk in a forest outside Hamburg.

We had torrential rain during the night and unfortunately had a proper soaking the following morning, Hank was strewn with wet gear, both of the doggy and human kind.

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